Preserving Brewer’s Art…

Edwin Brewer (1927-2002)

Edwin Brewer was an Arkansas artist born to a family of Arkansas artist. His father Adrian and grandfather Nicholas were both renowned painters with pieces displayed all over the country, including the White House. Edwin was the most modest of his artistic family members. He spent most of his life teaching and painting landscapes in oils and watercolors. Even still, his impression on Arkansas’ art scene and 20th century American art is notable! Learn more about him at


The Donation

In the spring of 2017, a  spectacular series of paintings depicting a host of rambunctious jazz musicians done by Edwin Brewer was donated to FOD by his son-in-law Don Wood. The series was inspired by a Santa Barbara, CA jazz club that gave Brewer the desire to completely reinvent his artistic style. Learning to use new media and techniques he painted these vibrant portraits. After a few years, the jazz club that influenced the creation of these works, and housed them, closed and Brewer himself has past. Brewer's relatives, daughter Audrey and son-in-law Don Wood, then sought a new and worthy place for the series of jazz paintings. Enter the Friends of Dreamland.

Here’s how you can help! FOD has been working since 2017 to frame these 8 paintings. We’ve stated a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money necessary to do this, so that we can properly preserve and display them. We have 4 framed as of summer 2018. Click here to donate ANY amount to this effort and to follow the progress of the project.

framed trio.jpg

Pave the Way

Become a part of the rich history that is Taborian Hall and the Dreamland Ballroom. There are small and large brick pavers available. Choose your size and message, and of course, Friends of Dreamland reserves the right for copy approval. 

This is a lasting way to show support, you can purchase one for your organization or business, or just  add your name as a supporter of the restoration of this great building.

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Bricks are set at the front door of Arkansas Flag and Banner and will wrap around the building.

Bricks are set at the front door of Arkansas Flag and Banner and will wrap around the building.

What is “Pave the Way?”

For the last nine years, Friends of Dreamland (FOD) has been raising money to restore the historic Dreamland Ballroom in downtown Little Rock, AR. Our primary, general donation program we call, “Pave the Way.”

You can buy a Junior Brick, 4”x8”, or a Senior Brick, 8”x8”. Each is inscribed with a name, a memory, a phrase, whatever you would like and can fit on the brick size you select. People have put the names of their family members, living and deceased, loved ones that grew up in the historic 9th district where our building is located, even wacky phrases like, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!” Why not?? The idea is simply to immortalize your supportive effort to FOD, however you’d like to do that!

Why Bricks?

In 1918, the Knights and Daughters of Tabor completed construction of the Taborian Hall and Dreamland Ballroom. Marble bricks were inlaid into the wall of the front portico that displayed the other temples and tabernacles across Arkansas, at the time, for the fraternal organization. Honoring their support of the new headquarters in Little Rock.

Friends of Dreamland continues this tradition by honoring its donors, the modern day supporters of the Taborian Hall, with bricks that will be set into the buildings walls and sidewalks.

Thank you for your support!!