Southern Living Magazine Visits Arkansas’

Arkansas’ owner, Kerry McCoy, met with Southern Living’s photographer, John O’Hagan this past February. Mr. O’Hagan is a true professional. He took photos at’s location in Downtown Little Rock. Photo shoots of Kerry happened in the Dreamland Ballroom where they talked about her plans of renovation, to other areas of the building in production departments, offices and even family shots with the resident grand baby.

Southern Living has got it going on, no rushing around to get a story, they work well in advance. Three months later, on a beautiful Saturday in May, brought a visit from Farah Austin, one of Southern Living’s writer. After touring, Kerry invited Farah and her friend James to her home, where Kerry’s husband cooked his venison burgers on the grill and served lunch, with their 4 children, on the front porch. The weather, food and company couldn’t have been better.

Look for to appear in Southern Living in 2008. The exact month is yet to be announced.